Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweet Barcelona

I am absolutely loving my time in Barcelona! I have been here for a little over a week now and there have not been many dull moments. This past week we have been to many beautiful sights in Barcelona. We have been to Tibidabo, Park Guell, Segrada Familia,  and Las Ramblas just to name a few. I am loving the Mediterranean sun here and the beach we visited was beautiful. I am still working on trying all of the food. All of the food dishes involving chocolate have been amazing, however, I am still not loving all of the seafood. I am working in a very nice private school in a sixth grade classroom. The school is so nice and overlooks the city of Barcelona. I was very surprised to see that they serve wine everyday at lunch, but the school lunches are very tasty. I love being able to work with the students here and improve their english skills for testing next week. So far this experience has been such a blessing. Tomorrow morning we are headed to Paris to sightsee over our three day weekend. Prayers are very much appreciated!! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Plane Rides Later

After hours of being confined in a plane, I am finally in Spain! We were greeted at the airport by our contact person, who happens to also be my supervising teacher (go me!), and we had a full day ahead of us! First we had to exchange our money, the money over here is very similar however their bills are all different sizes and colors which confuses me! After this we took a fast taxi ride to where we will be staying for the next 3 and 1/2 weeks. The residency is half for college aged girls and half for nuns! My mom would definitely approve. After a tour of the building and dropping off our luggage we walked to the train station (which is really a subway/bus station, with no 'trains') and got out tickets for traveling via bus to and from school. Next,we rode the bus to the bus stop that was closest to the school and had to walk the rest. The hill to get to the school puts the WKU hill to shame! We had a tour of the school and I got to see my classroom, it was more like a campus since the school is made up of different buildings. After our tour we were able to stop at grocery store for some necessities and then walked back to our residency for our free time! It is currently 3:30 here and I am ready for dinner and bed! I am having a great first day though!! Tomorrow I will get to meet my students and have my first day of class! The picture is the view from my window in my apartment. The building right across the street is a hospital. We were informed that it is where Shakira had her baby, no big deal! Spain is so beautiful! Please continue to pray for me.